Széchenyi Thermal Bath - Budapest's Oasis of Wellness

Széchenyi Baths is one of Europe's largest spa complexes, housing 21 indoor and outdoor pools, as well as 10 saunas. The medicinal water emerges from Budapest's second deepest well at a temperature of 76 degrees Celsius. The adventure pool features a lazy river, underwater bubblers, neck showers, and water jets hidden within seating benches, providing a soothing back massage. In addition to traditional medical treatments, the spa offers various wellness services, including a fitness room, sauna usage, aerobics, and water aerobics.

Zsigmondy Vilmos, a famous mining engineer of the time, concluded after preliminary studies that the successful drilling of an artesian well in the City Park (Városliget) in Pest was most likely feasible. The drilling began in November 1868 and was completed in January 1878. The construction of the baths started in 1909, and they were opened in 1913 under the name Széchenyi Baths.

Unique Sauna at Széchenyi

In 2015, the Széchenyi Thermal Cascade Cabin was introduced, providing a transition between sauna and steam bath experiences. Only spas with special features can operate such cabins, as they are supplied with their own thermal water cascade. The thermal cascade cabin creates a layered effect on different bench levels, allowing guests to gradually experience bathing at higher levels, higher temperatures, and more concentrated steam environments. The cascade humidifies the space, saturating it with the penetrating aroma of thermal water. This unique cabin combines the beneficial properties of multiple saunas, offering a gentler and milder sauna experience that is less taxing on the body. Purchase your ticket from our offer "Budapest: Szechenyi Spa - Full Day Entry Ticket with Locker" and enjoy the unique sauna experience yourself.

Healing Waters

The spa water is recommended for degenerative joint and spinal conditions, chronic joint inflammations, post-orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation after accidents, spinal problems, neuralgic pain, and calcium deficiency in the skeletal system. Various medicinal waters suitable for treating internal medical problems can be consumed in the drinking hall.

Night Bathing

The trendiest nighttime bathing experience in the capital city attracts young people every Saturday. The SPArty event series, which now boasts over seventeen years of history, has become one of Budapest's most popular events, with 50,000 visitors annually. At these themed parties held on Saturdays, guests can simultaneously enjoy the gentle thermal water, unique visual effects, and high-quality electronic dance music amidst the centuries-old walls.

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